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Simple Recipe Changes for Better Health


Cooking is an exciting activity that can also add to the waist line. If you take a leaf through your favorite recipe book, cookbook or your personal recipe file, you soon come to realize how much fat and calories are adding up. That’s not to mention the high amount of sodium that most common recipes call for.

If you are concerned about the fat, calories and sodium in your foods that may do damage to your health that is good news. You can still eat healthy, while reducing the fat, calories and sodium in your foods by making simple changes to everyday recipes and without altering the taste of the foods that you enjoy. These simple recipes changes will help you stay fit, trim and healthy. Here’s a look at the most common changes that you can make to your recipes that may improve your health.

Substitute apple sauce for oil: If you are baking bread, muffins, cakes or quick bread, you can use apple sauce flavored with regular oil. It’s something that is easy to do. Simply use the same amount of apple sauce in place of the oil. You can often to the same thing with the butter. If you still like the taste and texture vegetable oil, he adds, can replace half the apple sauce for the oil. Making this simple and easy substitution can eliminate a large amount of fat and calories from you diet.

Use egg substitute for eggs: There are several brands of commercial egg substitutes on the market that you can use in place of natural eggs in many recipes. Egg substitutes look a lot like beaten eggs. Most egg substitutes taste just like whole eggs because they are made from mostly real egg whites with the yoke left out. Most of an egg’s fat and cholesterol are contained in the yoke. Use egg substitute in baking recipes, as well as stews and other dishes. Homemade egg substitutes are less expensive and just as good. For a recipe calling for 2 large eggs, simply discard the yokes of the eggs and substitute it with 1 tablespoon of nonfat dry milk powder, add 4 drops of yellow food color. Remember that most egg substitutes are made from real eggs. If you are allergic to eggs, make sure the product does not contain real egg products.

Substitute broth for butter: Here’s a great tip, instead of adding butter to vegetables or rice, use broth instead. The broth can be chicken, beef and vegetable. Each adds a great flavor to dishes without adding large amounts of fat. If you like using bouillon cubes instead, add a couple to boiling water as you cook. If you are concerned about your sodium intake, just look for low sodium broth and bouillon cubes. Cutting down on butter for your favorite recipes will go a long way in helping you eat healthy.

Substitute lean ground turkey for ground beef: If you want a low fat diet, lean ground turkey meat is an idea substitute for regular ground beef. Ground turkey is tasty and cooks just like ground beef but without the fat. With ground beef, you can never be sure that all the fat has been drain out of the beef. But with turkey meat, you don’t have to worry about the fat that you may not see. Look for meat cut from the breast of the turkey, which, ounce-for-ounce, has fewer calories and grams of fat than ground beef.

Switch to low fat cheese and milk: A very simple change you can do is substitute low fat cheese and dairy products in your kitchen, such as low or nonfat sour cream, cream cheese, and yogurt and ricotta cheese. You will hardly notice the difference between regular and low fat cheese and milk in your recipes. It is important to note that some low fat cheese or fat free cheese do not melt the same as regular cheeses. But this should not be a problem if you are using the cheese sliced, diced or grated.

Making simple recipes switches to low fat, low calories and low sodium is not difficult and will have minimal effect on the taste of your treasured recipes. In making these simple recipes changes, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and still eat healthy.