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Healthy Vegetable Cooking Tips


Your mother probably told you to eat all the vegetables when you were a child. Most children do not love vegetables and about the same number of adults who avoid them too. However, vegetables are an important part of the diet and make sure you are getting the correct number of servings each day. When you know how to select and cook your vegetables, it is more likely to get their daily servings. Here are some healthy cooking tips for vegetables.

Select vegetables:
When shopping for vegetables, you have to consider buying fresh vegetables. These are much better for you than canned or processed vegetables. While canned vegetables are certainly better than not eating vegetables at all, many of these are high in salt and cooked so that the nutrients are still little. Also, please note that preserved vegetables are certainly not fresh. Many of these products sit in cans for months before being eaten. Furthermore, by choosing fresh vegetables, you have a wider range of options, which makes eating fun.

Learn how to buy:
When shopping for vegetables, you need to know what to buy. Learn what your vegetables should look like when you buy so you are sure you are getting the freshest. Shopping at a farmers’ market or a produce stand in your area can also help ensure that you are getting the best.

Invest in a vegetable steamer:
If you are serious about healthy eating, then you may want to invest in a good vegetable steamer. When using a steamer, you can take almost any vegetable that is fresh, and cooked to perfection. A steamer will help retain many of the nutrients in food, so it tastes good and is healthy for you. Look for a double steamer that you can also cook the rice, too. You may obtain a free-standing electric steam from a store like Wal-Mart or Target for about $ 30.

Learn to pass the salt:
Many people make the mistake of adding too much salt to your diet. This is a no-no if you are concerned about healthy eating. In addition, you may be tempted to add butter to fruits and vegetables. You should also avoid this error. Instead of using a large amount of salt or butter to flavor vegetables, consider other options. Cook the vegetables with low sodium broth will give you pleasure, while the savings in calories and sodium.

Eat a wide variety:
Another great tip for healthy eating in relation to vegetables is to make sure you are eating a wide variety of vegetables. Everyone has their favorites, but when you eat only two or three vegetables again and again can be boring. Spice up your diet by selecting seasonal vegetables throughout the year. Try a new vegetable occasionally. Have you ever tried kale? What about broccoli? You can find a new flavor you love.